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Top Luxury Buildings in NYC: Top 5 Luxury Buildings

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Countless buildings in New York go unnoticed – unless they’re one of these fancy megawatt structures. They undoubtedly attract attention, from their eye-catching décor to their opulent facilities. It’s no surprise, given that they are the most exclusive luxury buildings in NYC We’ve got all the shiny details right here. We also added the average asking rents and median sales prices in respective areas for fun. Here are the top luxury buildings in NYC.

1. 220 Central Park South 

“Everyone wants to be in Central Park South, and it’s almost like a developer race to see who can construct the newest, nicest, and highest,” says Brandon Abelard, a certified real estate agent with Compass. This specific centerpiece of luxury buildings in New York has received a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. In contrast to other high-priced homes, the prices of condos at 220 Central Park South have not just remained stable. They’ve risen dramatically. Joe Tsai, the co-founder of Alibaba, paid $157.5 million for two units, up from $102.3 million only a year before. Billionaires come to the skyscraper because of its classical architecture designed by Robert A.M. Stern to evoke the glory days of Old New York.

How much does it cost to live anywhere near this posh Midtown building?

  • Median asking rent : $4,000
  • Median sales price $1,587,500

2. 30 Beekman Place

Gloria Vanderbilt, billionaire, and socialite, was known for her impeccable taste throughout her life. (She even famously created her own brand of blue jeans, which are still available everywhere from Macy’s to Kohl’s.) Vanderbilt died in 2019 at the age of 95, leaving behind her lively Midtown East apartment, which was just listed for sale by her equally renowned son, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Here’s the listing for the three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom property in one of New York’s most historic luxury towers.

Have you ever wondered why this address was suited for American nobility such as Vanderbilt? The 1931 apartment building is full of character, with high ceilings and facilities such as a newly designed on-site gym and bike locker (handy when the promenade along the East River is just half a block away).

Be aware that residing near this building in wonderful Midtown East may be less expensive than you think!

  • Median Asking Rent : $3,305
  • Median Sales Price : $782,000

3. 432 Park Avenue

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Take a look at one of the top luxury buildings in NYC. Literally. Because of its 1,397-foot height, it was touted as the highest sky-scraping residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere when it was built. (By contrast, the highest level of New York’s notoriously teetering Empire State Building stands 1,250 feet tall.)

It also has a rich life. Temperature-controlled wine vaults ideal for the most delicate Michelin-starred restaurants are among the amenities. There’s also a specialized library, a medspa, a sauna, a pool with a steam room, and a screening room that rivals most Manhattan movie theaters – you get the idea. 432, one of New York’s most prestigious luxury buildings, recently made news when its penthouse was listed for a staggering $169 million. That’s roughly double the $87.7 million it was acquired for in 2016. The future owner will be able to explore a 93-foot long living and dining room and take in a 360-degree panoramic view of Manhattan (from the 96th floor!) inside its 8,255 square feet.

Of course, this one, like many other costly residences, is in Midtown:

  • Median Asking Rent $4,000
  • Median Sales Price: $1,587,500

4. 118 Riverside Drive

Pay attention if one of your ideal real estate features is “funny business.” Ben Stiller’s Upper West Side childhood house, owned by his comedian parents, Jerry Stiller and Anna Meara, went on the market in July for $5 million. The 3,700 square foot home, hidden in a 1929 Renaissance Revival building where Babe Ruth previously resided, includes the original flat they acquired in the 1960s and an adjacent apartment they pampered themselves with in the 1980s. (That is, it boasts not one, but two kitchens, which is a fascinating advantage for foodies.) The herringbone flooring and blonde oak built-in shelving lend a Nordic vibe to them. And the fifth-floor home’s windows overlook the verdant treetops of 84th Street.

Here’s what it may cost you to live in this uptown neighborhood:

  • Upper West Side Median Asking Rent: $3,195
  • Upper West Side Median Sales Price: $1,297,500

5. 15 Central Park West

This building, built by Robert A.M. Stern, was previously home to Sting (who reportedly moved to its younger, flashier sister, 220 Central Park South, when it opened). It’s a beautiful building, according to Emily Ackerman, a certified real estate agent and owner and creator of The Catalyst Team at Compass. “It boasts a plethora of amenities.” It’s also extremely ‘white glove’; the minute you walk in, there are people waiting to help you,” she adds. “It’s quite exclusive; to live there, you have to have a high net worth, so there’s a lot of security in addition to incredibly good facilities.”

Other features include groomed gardens, a gym with a 75-foot-long lap pool beneath skylights, and even an in-house chef option if you want a perfectly executed supper without leaving the hotel. Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro, Mark Wahlberg, and Kelsey Grammer have all called it home.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a superstar or CEO to live in this neighborhood:

  • Upper West Side Median Asking Rent: $3,195
  • Upper West Side Median Sales Price: $1,297,500

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