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The Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World

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There are jewels that have been sold for mind-bogglingly large sums of money owing to their hypnotic beauty, but also due to their incredible uniqueness, making them possibly the single most expensive items on the earth given their size and weight. Rare items are extremely difficult to obtain. In fact, one might argue that the worth of some stones is essentially unquantifiable. So if you’re also one of those who wants to find out “what’s the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world” details are provided below!

Top 15 most expensive jewelry

15. Briolette Diamond Necklace – $11 Million

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Christie’s exhibited the largest briolette diamond ever auctioned in May 2013 in Hong Kong.

The massive 75.36-carat diamond is the centerpiece of the magnificent pendant necklace, but the pendant also features a gemstone purplish pink diamond hung above the briolette. A briolette diamond neck chain set in 18k rose and white gold connects the two stones. This one-of-a-kind briolette necklace ended up selling for more than $11 million.

14. Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Emerald and Diamond Tiara – $12.3 Million

This magnificent ruby and diamond tiara was commissioned in the year 1900 for Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck. The set, which is said to have been designed by Parisian jewelry maker Chaumet and has 11 rare Colombian emerald pear-shaped gems totalling over 500 carats, was supposedly worn solely in the presence of royalty.

It was auctioned by Sotheby’s in Geneva in May 2011 and sold for more than $2 million more than the prior estimate.

13. Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring – $15.7 Million

The Bulgari Blue Diamond ring, another eye-catching gem that smashed records when it was auctioned just several years ago, was made in the 1970s and was originally a present from a wealthy collector to his wife after the birth of their first kid.

It includes a 9.87 carat white triangle-shaped diamond and a triangular 10.95 carat “Fancy Vivid” kyanite, the biggest blue diamond of this cut ever sold at auction.

12. Heart of the Ocean – $17 Million

The Heart of the Ocean necklace was originally a fictitious jewel worn by Kate Winslet’s character in the film Titanic, and is a perfect example of life mimicking art. Because the film was a big hit, the business that made what was essentially a cinematic prop, London-based jeweler Asprey & Garrard, was commissioned to construct a “real” necklace in the same style. What Asprey & Garrard created was a platinum-set, 171-carat (34.2 g) heart-shaped Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds that sold for a whopping $17 million to an undisclosed bidder!

11. Pink Diamond – $17.77 Million

Sotheby’s sold this beautiful 8.41-carat fancy bright purple-pink diamond for a staggering $17.77 million late last year in Hong Kong.

De Beers mined the stone, which was precisely cut from a bigger, 18-carat diamond, and made platinum ring, mounted and pavé-set throughout with circular-cut diamonds. Aside from its apparent beauty, the Kind IIa diamond (the most chemically pure of all jewels of this type) also has some rather uncommon traits, such as its size, stunning hue, and rich saturation of color.

10. The Perfect Pink – $23.2 Million

Pink diamonds appear to have gained a lot of appeal recently, with several of these stones selling for eight figure amounts in recent years. Perfect Pink, which sold for more than $23 million in November 2010, is a perfect example of this.

According to Christie’s, the 14.23 carat diamond is incredibly rare, with just around 20 comparable pink stones above 10 carats sold in over 250 years of history.

9. The Winston Blue – $23.8 Million

The Winston Blue is an extremely expensive ring with the world’s biggest perfect bright blue diamond, which was auctioned off by Christie’s in May 2014.

The breathtakingly exquisite 13.22 carat diamond was purchased by Harry Winston and named after the company’s iconic founder by CEO Nayla Heyek. The sale cost a total $23.8 million, greatly above estimates (as it often seems to happen when people try to outbid each other for these things).

8. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond – $24.3 Million

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The Wittelsbach blue diamond is one of the world’s most valuable jewels. It was part of the Bavarian family jewels as early as the 17th century before missing for decades throughout the 20th century. Laurence Graff purchased it at auction for more than $24 million when it resurfaced.

The iconic jeweler then recut the stone, decreasing its weight from 35.52 carats to little more than 31 carats, increasing its clarity, brightness, and grade. This technique has sparked debate, with some comparing it to painting over a Rembrandt or Da Vinci masterpiece to make it “prettier.”

7. Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace by Cartier – $27 Million

The Cartier Collection’s Hutton-Mdivani Pendant is a stunning jewel worth a staggering $27.44 million.

It was originally owned by the legendary socialite Barbara Hutton, daughter of retail mogul Frank W. Woolworth, and consists of 27 big jadeite beads of brilliant hue with diameters ranging from 15.4 mm to 19.2 mm. The stunning necklace, designed by Cartier and set with rubies and diamonds, was a bridal present for her first marriage to Prince Alexis Mdivani in 1933.

6. The Orange – $36 Million

When Christie’s auctioned it in Geneva in November 2013, this remarkable stone, simply known as The Orange, was the largest exquisite vivid orange diamond ever sold in this way. Predictably, it received a record-breaking offer as well, reaching to an incredible $35.5 million, well beyond its estimated worth of $21 million.

This eye-catching stone also established a global record price per carat for any colored diamond sold at auction, fetching over $2.4 million per carat.

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