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The 10 Most Expensive Private Jets In The World

by Ipek

It’s been said that “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the experience getting there,” and this is especially true when flying in style.

These heavenly jets wave farewell to any thoughts of the passenger in front of you lying back in their seat, being trapped in the middle seat or being served unappealing food. If you’re flying on one of these luxurious private planes, the route is almost as exciting as the destination.

Consider the following: enormous, spacious bedrooms, fully equipped bathrooms with elevated showers, home entertainment, and large kitchens—along with a crew ready to prepare all of your favorite meals.

A few of these private jets may have been designated for royalty, while others are only another addition to a billionaire’s fleet of luxury automobiles or pricey yachts.

If you’ve been wanting to travel in style on a part-time basis, several of these luxury private planes are also available for charter.

The 10 most expensive private jets

10Airbus ACJ319NEO$102 million
9Gulfstream III$125 million
8Boeing 767-33A/ER$170 million
7Boeing 747-430$220 million
6Boeing 787-8 BBJ$325 million
5Airbus ACJ350 Custom$366 million
4Boeing 747-8 VIP$367 million
3Airbus A340-300$500 million
2Airbus A380$600 million
1Air Force One$660 million

Airbus ACJ319NEO – $102 million

Six private Airbus ACJ319NEOs are available across the world, each with custom cabins and some really brilliant design work. The Airbus ACJ319NEO, which combines the best of the supercar and private jet worlds, is just as great at amusing as it is at soaring through the skies.

The Infinito combines luxurious leather and exquisite woodwork with a man-made carbon fiber shell and all the bells and whistles. The master bedroom, VIP bathroom, complete galley, and movie room all have soft curves and rounded walls, which you’ll observe even more when touring the private jet.

Gulfstream III – $125 million

A Gulfstream III private jet is owned by a number of celebrities, but Tyler Perry’s is the most well-known. The 42-inch HD TV, numerous Blu-ray players, another satellite TV, theatrical lighting to match those in-flight movies, and electrically operated window blinds for when you’re ready for sleep are all included on the American artist and director’s private plane.

Portable HD projectors, as well as USB ports for playing music and connectors for setting up video games, are also available. Tyler Perry also has his own island, where his private plane is likely to spend a lot of time.

Boeing 767-33A/ER – $170 million 

Roman Abramovich’s private jet, named a “flying castle” owing to its angled black stripes near the cockpit glass, is also known as “The Bandit.” It’s larger than life, featuring not just sleeping and relaxation areas, but also a reception hall that can accommodate up to 30 people.

It’s also one of the safest private planes, featuring an anti-missile technology similar to that of Air Force One. Gold plating and gold trims may be seen throughout the jet, from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Boeing 747-430 – $220 million

Washbasins made of pure gold and Lalique crystal are just the beginning of the Sultan of Brunei’s private jet’s degree of luxury. He paid roughly $100 million via Lufthansa and then another $120 million to customize the aircraft to his liking. He is said to be the world’s wealthiest king.

It features enormous teal recliners and unusual patterned flooring, which set it apart from other private planes. This isn’t the Sultan’s only private jet—he has at least a couple more—but it is the largest.

Boeing 787-8 BBJ – $325 million

The Boeing 787-8’s BBJ refers to Boeing Business Jet, and it’s built to wow, with enough capacity to fly for 18 hours before refueling. This luxury jet was first seen at the Dubai Air Show, and it is sleek and sophisticated, with all of the amenities needed for a more than comfortable flight.

It is mostly used by the HNA Group of China, although it may also be booked for private usage for $70,000 per hour. The Dream Jet has a welcoming lounge, a bedroom with a full walk-in closet, a luxury bathroom, and unquestionably one of the biggest showers you’ll ever see in the air.

Airbus ACJ350 Custom- $366 million

The ACJ350 is more of a floating residence than a basic mode of transportation. This premium private plane appears to be worth over $366 million at a glimpse, but that’s before you include all of the extras, such as custom interior design.

Interiors, which were meticulously chosen by Lufthansa Technik, were expected to cost an additional $150 million, bringing the total cost of this private airplane to almost $500 million. There are four bedrooms onboard, as well as a guest lounge, a full pantry, and an eight-person formal dining space.

Boeing 747-8 VIP – $367 million 

Even though the owner of the Boeing 747-8 VIP is unknown, a lot is known about the jet. It’s one of the world’s biggest jets, capable of dwarfing even the Air Force One. It’s a private aircraft converted from a passenger jet to tailored luxury, with a bedroom, lobbies, an office, and a spacious dining area more than enough for entertaining, with 4,786 square feet of space.

Cabinet Alberto Pinto built the interiors exclusively for the owner’s preferences, and they are neutral and toned down. Even while images of this luxurious private plane are plentiful, you’ll never see photos of individuals sitting on its sofas or sleeping in its chambers.

Airbus A340-300 – $500 million

Alisher Usmanov, a Russian millionaire, is the proud owner of an Airbus A340-300, a jet that is normally reserved for long-haul flights due to its peaceful interior and relaxing onboard circumstances. This premium private plane is larger than President Vladimir Putin’s personal aircraft and has some extremely luxurious furnishings, including silky soft leather seats and big suites.

In addition to the plane’s initial cost, Usmanov spent another $170 million on customizing the facilities to his high demands. It’s a long-range private jet with a range of 13,699 kilometers, or around the equivalent of a flight from Moscow to Tokyo.

Airbus A380 – $600 million

The Airbus A380 is the world’s biggest passenger airplane, as well as one of the heaviest, weighing about 1.3 million pounds. Unless you’re Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who purchased one at the Dubai Air Show in 2007, its size makes it a rare choice for luxury private jets.

Air Force One – $660 million

Air Force One is the world’s most costly private plane, with not just a nice bedroom and workspaces, but also an on-board doctor’s office and a conference hall.

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