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Ray-Ban Stories Review: Capture Your Life with Stories

by Ipek

The Stories brings Snap’s and Google’s smart glasses for everyone vision to life.

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are a long-awaited partnership between Facebook and Luxottica. The Ray-Ban stories have Facebook-developed technology that allows users to capture photographs and record videos by using voice commands or pushing a button on the right temple of the glasses.

Ray-Ban Stories

What about the rivals?

Snap introduced its initial Spectacles in 2016, and the ill-fated Google Glass’ was released in 2013. The failure of Google Glass is due to a lack of understanding about why this product initially exists. This ground-breaking product failed because customers couldn’t see why they needed it in their life. Price-wise, this product was far from user expectations, The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is priced at $999.

Snap’s Spectacles also failed. Snap’s attempt was great, but the timing and marketing efforts were off. Sales of the first two generations fell due to a lack of support, advertising, and growing competition. Snap isn’t ready to give up on Spectacles just yet. In fact, it has introduced the third generation. In addition to a glam makeover, the Specs 3 includes a second camera for depth effects, which will play an important role in the company’s drive into augmented reality.

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What makes Stories special?

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories include dual 5-megapixel cameras that can take photos and 30-second videos. As a privacy feature, the glasses contain external-facing LED lights that works when the cameras are active. Furthermore, the smart glasses’ temples function as headphones, with touch-activated controls for music, calls, and volume.

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories price, availability

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories price ranges from $299 to $379.The frames are available in four different colors: black, blue, brown, and green. The Facebook x Ray-Ban smart glasses can be purchased online via Ray-Ban’s website. On Monday, the device will be available at other retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Sunglass Hut, and LensCrafters.

Ray ban smart glasses

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories specifications

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses include two 5-megapixel cameras capable of capturing photos at a resolution of 2,592×1,944 pixels. It can also record 30-second videos at a resolution of 1,184×1,184 pixels at 30 frames per second (frames per second). Users are able to shoot and save around 500 pictures and 35, 30-second videos.

Users can connect their Facebook Ray-Ban Stories to their smartphones through Bluetooth v5, and they are compatible with devices running Android 8.0 or above, as well as iOS 13 or higher. The smart glasses connect to smartphones via the Facebook View app, which serves as an “operating system and content sharing companion”.Users can use the app to import data from their smart glasses and create and edit material to post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

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