What is NFT: How did a digital artifact, easily downloadable from the internet, find buyers for $ 70 million?

The date of March 11 was recorded as a milestone for digital art. An artist named Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, sold his fully digital work for $ 69.3 million, reaching the third-highest amount an artist has ever reached while alive.


NFT, i.e. non-fungible token, this work has once again taken the most ‘crazy’ trend of recent years to the front of the world agenda.

One of the most intriguing things about NFT is how digital works that can be easily downloaded from the internet can find buyers for millions of dollars.

Here NFTs come into play, so the works are called ‘crypto art’.

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Ray-Ban Stories Review: Capture Your Life with Stories

The Stories brings Snap’s and Google’s smart glasses for everyone vision to life.

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are a long-awaited partnership between Facebook and Luxottica. The Ray-Ban stories have Facebook-developed technology that allows users to capture photographs and record videos by using voice commands or pushing a button on the right temple of the glasses.

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