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10 Luxury gifts under $200

by Ipek

The perfect gift? It must seem effortless and spontaneous, as well as deliberate and intentional. It should be distinctive and indicate how important she is to you without being too edgy or reckless. To guide you through your search for inspiration, our editorial team collaborated to develop this curated list of the most luxury gifts for women.

From low-cost treats to high-end luxury presents, it’s all here. And, to help you stick to a (reasonable?) budget, we’ve divided our list into price ranges:

  1. Gift ideas under $100
  2. Gift ideas under $200
  3. Gift ideas if money is no object

The best gifts for women under $100

1)Jimmy Choo Signature


With a simple click of the finger, tiger orchid and toffee caramel build up a powerful and sensual aroma. Jimmy Choo Signature is seductive, gourmet, and vibrant. This perfume is an absolute luxury gift for her.

2)LARQ Bottle PureVis – Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

$95.00 – $139.24

Are stylish water bottles the most practical women’s gifts? Possibly. Is the self-purifying LARQ bottle one of the most helpful presents for fashionable, time-pressed women? Definitely. This is a present she will use every day.

3) Gorjana Farrah Huggies Earrings


Gorjana’s philosophy is exemplified by this set of Farrah Huggies earrings: simple, elegant, and inexpensive jewelry for the modern lady.

Bold yet subtle. Simple but considerate. Fashionable but timeless. When looking for the best luxury gift, you couldn’t ask for anything better!

4) InStyler Ceramic Straightening Brush


Help her to say goodbye to her hectic early-morning hair regimen. InStyler Straight Up Max is one of the best luxury gifts. This ceramic straightening brush packs a punch of power while maintaining hair volume and shine thanks to three different frizz-fighting technology.

The best gifts for her under $200

Now, let’s look at the best luxury gifts under $200. These ideas are a step up from the previous ones. They won’t break the bank, but if you’re willing to spend more than $100 on a present for her, make it memorable and valuable.

5)Aesop Reverence Duet


She’s done a lot of hand-holding for you; now is the time to pamper her hands with one of the best luxury gifts of all times. Leave her in good hands with this Aesop’s Reverence Duet, which will transform hand washing into a spiritual experience every time she visits her bathroom. Perfect, considering how often we’ve had to wash our hands recently.

6) Bellroy Tokyo Tote


No woman ever says, “I have too many bags.” Bellroy’s Tokyo Tote is a multi-purpose carry-all that makes the perfect luxury gift. It is a handy, casual-chic bag. It can accommodate a 13″ laptop or tablet and is made of fine, ecologically approved leather and woven cloth.

7)Tom Ford Black Orchid


Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, according to our female readers, is one of the finest fragrances for women. That’s why it makes the perfect luxury gift for her. The dark and oriental elements in Black Orchid are the forbidden fruit of the scent world: plum, patchouli, and vanilla smell delicious enough to eat. Melting dark chocolate and droplets of amber, incense, and balsam balance out this perfume, which comes in a gorgeous unisex bottle and lasts forever.

8)Bellroy Folio leather wallet


Bellroy makes some of the greatest wallets, and this quality leather folio wallet is no exception. This Bellroy Folio wallet is both contemporary and classic. Its traditional appearance conceals an easy-to-use interior with enough space for cash, a smartphone, 14+ cards, and a magnetic coin bag.

The finest luxury gifts for ladies when money is no object

9) Dyson Supersonic Hair Styler


Because excellent hair days are the greatest sort of days, she’ll like Dyson’s luxurious intelligent heat-control-powered hair drier. This high-tech drier will undoubtedly enhance both her confidence and her strands. She might even postpone a few salon appointments in favor of utilizing this hot tool at home. A luxury gift that will truly blow her away.

10) Apple Watch 6


The Apple Watch is the world’s most popular watch. Period. If she owns an iPhone but does not yet have this watch, this is a great luxury gift for a special occasion.

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