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LG One: Quick Series- ‘new ways of working’

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Communication is essential at all levels, from business to family to friends. We offer a solution for you if you’ve been battling with all of the demanding changes that have occurred while striving to transition to online communication.LG One: Quick Series

New settings bring new problems. We can’t just get a meeting room for that key presentation, or get everyone together in one place to talk about the next major project. Without the luxuries we’ve taken for granted in the past, it’s understandable that our new normal feels constrained in comparison.

Our new work-life balance can be turned from a crude DIY workstation to a pleasant and productive one with the right digital technologies. We can now experience days that are more exciting and simple by introducing more technology into our homes. ‘How,’ you would wonder.

The LG One: Quick Series is now available

LG Business Solutions released its pioneering One: Quick series in the final quarter of this year as unique digital communication solutions that adapt to our fast-paced lives. Why? LG realized that we were in a new phase and that we’d need hybrid tools to succeed.

For maximum adaptability :One:Quick Flex

It’s simple to use, thanks to its Windows OS-based software. You can look up the weather, go through your to-do list, and so much more. Imagine you have a video call In only 30 minutes. That’s not an issue, though, because the One: Quick Flex is famous for its all-in-one design. What exactly does this necessarily mean? It means you won’t have to wander around 15 minutes before the meeting to figure out what wires you’ll need.

This ultimate digital toolset eliminates time-consuming (and inconvenient) video conferencing arrangements with its built-in 2K Full High Definition (FHD) camera, microphone, and speaker. One: Quick Flex makes attending a meeting and making phone calls a pleasure. Remember that it runs on the Windows operating system, so you may acquire your chosen conference app straight from the app store.

Roll the One: Quick Flex to your home office once you’re ready for your meeting (moving stand sold separately). There’s no need to be concerned about being cut off from the screen since the broad 88-degree field view easily captures you, and the microphone—with a 3-meter pickup range—captures your voice whether you’re close or far.

Because the One: Quick Flex has 10 touchpoints, you and your coworkers could present ideas together as if you were in an office. It allows numerous individuals to actively draw and write on the board.

It’s time to cook some lunch when your meeting is finished. Put on a good cooking video and keep it next to you in the kitchen while you follow the step-by-step directions on the screen. While your hands are occupied, you may even use your voice to control settings such as volume. Depending on your preference, set it to Portrait or Landscape mode. You may also change the height to your own level of comfort.

Are you concerned that it will be sloppy and clash with your home design? The contemporary beige’s sleek appearance will merge in seamlessly with your current décor, and it’s adaptable enough to go with both modern and rustic themes.

But wait, there’s more:

Isn’t it true that good things come in threes? Right. This trio gives an all-around flawless, effortless, and technologically sophisticated work solution while working excellently as a team (just like you and your coworkers). So, let’s meet the other two members of the LG One: Quick team.

One:Quick Works

If you’re a business owner looking for professional tools to help you run a high-performing company, One: Quick Works can help. This remote working solution, which won a Red Dot award in 2021, comes with a bigger 55″ display including several powerful capabilities that will intrigue you to discover more:

It, too, features a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker for a simple video conferencing setup, just like the One: Quick Flex. The Smart Auto Focus is the most distinguishing feature of the One: Quick Works. You might be wondering what it means. This is what you need. It monitors the person speaking by picking up sound from up to 6m (20 ft) away (with minimum background noise, to be certain), while the 3,840 x 2,160 4K resolution camera auto-focuses on the specific speaker.

It also includes a built-in Windows PC and a Microsoft digital whiteboard (accessible from the app store)—and yes, it can handle up to ten touch points at once. Isn’t that impressive?

The goal is clear: the One: Quick Works is here to help you grow, extend, and broaden your horizons, and it’s up to the challenge.

One:Quick Share

Easily plug, push the button, and enjoy wireless screen-sharing on select LG Digital Signage models for customers searching for a simple screen-sharing solution. There’s no need for a transceiver because wi-fi is built inside the gadget. Up to four displays can be shown at the same time.

Switch from one source to another and back again with ease. Your meetings will fly by with little to no downtime. That’s what I call simple technology. You may also customize the settings to fit your needs directly from your One: Without a remote, control volume, brightness, and image mode using the Quick Share PC program.

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