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Celebrity Style Tips: Celebrity-Approved Sneakers on Amazon

by Ipek
 Amazon put Katie Holmes', Hailey Bieber's, and Jennifer Garner's favorite shoes on sale.

Sneakers are one category where we can count on celebrities to be our style inspiration. When you consider that the outfits they wear when out on a walk in NYC may cost more than a month’s rent, it can be surprising to their shoes are considerably affordable. This makes it possible for those of us who don’t have A-list budgets to channel our interests. Therefore, here we will talk a little about sneakers, which are the most important parts of the celebrity style.

Because there is no such thing as a limit (on how many pairs of comfy shoes one should own), it’s always worth picking up a decent pair or two on sale. And don’t miss out on this year’s Amazon offers on celebrity-favorite sneakers.

Last year, comfort was crucial for most of us — even the stock market noticed that heels were being replaced with Crocs — and celebrities like Katie Holmes, Megan Fox, and Emily Ratajkowski confirmed comfy footwear as fashionable. It was difficult not to notice Birkenstocks or Ugg boots in the masked-up street fashion photos that highlighted the passing months.

Even as vaccination rates in the United States rise and masks are removed, the popularity of comfortable shoes in Hollywood shows no signs of waning. This is why Amazon’s current price cuts on anything from the Reeboks everyone’s wearing to the Adidas Stan Smith shoes that don’t seem to go away are worth taking advantage of when you still can.

Check out the greatest deals on celebrity-approved comfy footwear and sandals on Amazon including Adidas, Reebok, Superga, and more.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

Kate Middleton’s casual sneakers.are on sale now, just in time.

As part of its week-long Big Style Sale, Amazon has a limited-time offer on Superga’s Cotu sneakers. Kate Middleton has worn the flexible shoes, which are now nearly 50% off and as little as $44, on several occasions across the world.

Shop now: $44 (Originally $65); amazon.com

Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneaker

The Stan Smith sneaker from Adidas has received a lot of attention from celebrities. From Katie Holmes and Sienna Miller to Victoria Beckham, Nick Jonas, and Kanye West, it’s a footwear favorite of many. With a new, high-end edition in cooperation with designer Stella McCartney, the legendary sneaker is going to get even more hyped (if that was even possible).

Shop now: $84 ; amazon.com

Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Sneaker

Emily Ratajkowski, who has a stunning style. She’s been seen out and about in New York for weeks wearing the iconic Reebok Club C 85 sneaker. She paired the inexpensive shoe with a $1,450 Paco Rabanne purse the other day. That’s probably why the sneaker is now mostly sold out at Nordstrom, despite the fact that it recently went on sale for $70 on Amazon.

Shop now: $70; amazon.com

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal 

There’s one sort of footwear that all of Hollywood’s fashionable stars agree on, and it’s definitely not what you’d think. No, we’re not referring to the numerous varieties of sneakers that celebrities have been wearing recently or their go-to designer heels for red carpet events. Instead, we’re talking about Birkenstock, a rather controversial (and inexpensive!) sandal brand that celebrities have worn for years.

Birkenstock sandals may be considered “ugly” fashion by some, yet they are easy to wear and quite comfortable. However, they are considered indispensable by the bevy of celebrities who possess them. The brand’s best-selling Arizona sandals have been spotted on everyone from supermodel Kendall Jenner to stars such as Naomi Watts and Julianne Moore. Even Joanna Gaines, star of Fixer Upper, is a big lover of the massive buckled look. Birkenstock sandals are a great way to add comfort to your wardrobe without compromising elegance. They’re recognized for their ultra-soft footbed.

Shop now: $93 (Originally $105)

Tretorn Nyliteplus Sneaker

Witherspoon donned the ultimate summer attire while out in Brentwood yesterday, but it didn’t make it to the ‘gram (at least not yet). She wore a blue flowery dress, a straw hat, a Draper James face mask, Ray-Ban original wayfarer sunglasses, and comfy sneakers with the iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses she always wears. These were not, however, the perplexing sneakers worn by Ana de Armas or the unexpectedly sophisticated ones worn by Katie Holmes on a regular basis. Instead, they’re a Tretorn pair that Witherspoon has been wearing under the radar for months. They’re clearly durable, yet they’re also just $85.

Shop now:  $70; amazon.com

Puma Carina Sneaker 

If you think we’re done talking about celebs that like sneakers, you’d best think again. We’re not done yet, we have Captain America, aka Chris Evans, who looks to be a Puma lover since he’s wearing not just Puma Carina Sneakers but also a Puma jacket.

Shop now: $47 (Originally $60) amazon.com

Converse Sneakers

The senator’s shoe addiction is nothing new. She proudly told The Cut two years ago about her Converse “collection,” which included a black leather pair, a white pair, non-laced and laced styles, the ones she wears in hot weather, and the oxfords. Harris’ campaign shoes have historical importance when viewed in context. Never before has a female politician been so forthright in her acceptance of casual shoes as mainstream—or done so in such a genuine way.

Shop now: $45 ; amazon.com

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