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Amazon’s Best Halloween Costumes of 2021

by Ipek

If you’ve ever wanted a reason to go all out and pretend to be someone else for a night, Halloween is it. Whether you’ve been planning this year’s costume since November 1, 2020, or you’re just starting your hunt for something fun-yet-comfortable to take your kids trick-or-treating in, the options are almost limitless. To avoid becoming overwhelmed and trying to rip holes in your bedsheets for a last-minute ghost costume, we’ve scoured one of the internet’s largest shopping sites for the most ideal options possible. Yes, folks, we’re talking about Amazon’s best Halloween costumes that will last a lifetime.

A perfect Halloween costume should be identifiable enough that you won’t have to go into a speech every five minutes to answer the question, “Wait, what are you trying to be?” It should be comfortable enough to wear for at least many hours without something falling off or having to be reattached, and, most importantly, it should mirror your personality. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 25 possibilities that are traditional, entertaining, pop culture-themed, and more. Check out our top picks below!

  1. The best costume accessories :Flapper halloween Costume
  2. Best Themed Halloween Costume: Winfred Sanderson Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume
  3. Most Elegant Halloween Costume:Womens Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly Costume
  4. Best Classic Costume:Skeleton Halloween Costume
  5. Most Trendy Costume :Emily in Paris Emily Cooper Halloween Costume
  6. Most Creative Halloween Costume :Zhitunemi Adult Halloween Astronaut Costume 
  7. Best TV-Inspired Costume:The Queen’s Gambit Beth Harmon Halloween Costume
  8. Best Movie-Inspired Halloween Costume:Rubie’s Costume Co. Ghostbusters 3 Halloween Costume
  9. Best Fantasy Costume:Raya and the Last Dragon Raya Halloween Costume
  10. Most Comfortable Halloween Costume:Unicorn Onesie Halloween Costume


Best costume accessories

Throw it back to the 1920s with this flapper costume that will have you feeling like you stepped right out of a scene from The Great Gatsby. It includes the dress, a pearl necklace, long satin gloves, a pearl bracelet, a cigarette holder, a headband, and earrings, so you’ll have everything you need to dance, drink cocktails, and have a nice time.


Best themed Halloween costume

If there’s one Halloween movie we’re certain to watch every year, it’s Hocus Pocus. This year, you can channel your inner Winifred Sanderson for a really witchy evening with this officially licensed costume, which will not only look beautiful but will also keep you warm. Don’t forget to complete the spell-binding appearance with a matching flaming red wig.


Most elegant Halloween costume

If you’re going to a grown-up costume party, this ultra-elegant version of Holly Golightly will be perfect. Sure, you could just pick your own LBD from the closet and add some pearls, but this one has an air of authenticity about it that may be tough to replicate—even the back detailing matches Hubert de Givenchy’s original version, as famously worn by one Miss Audrey Hepburn.


Best classic costume

With this full-length skeleton bodysuit, you can turn yourself inside out. It’s made of 100 percent cotton for a long-lasting, breezy feel, and it needs little to no explanation: Simply apply some face paint and you’re ready to go!


Most fashionable costume

Copy the imaginary Emily Cooper’s red beret and plaid jacket and skirt pair with this Huilian imitation for a Parisian-inspired ensemble. It’s quite elegant and will hold you over till the second season of Emily in Paris comes out.


Space travel is all the rage these days, but even if you can’t afford the millions of dollars required for a real ticket to explore the cosmos, you can still look the part with this astronaut jumpsuit costume, which is made of lightweight spandex that won’t leave you feeling claustrophobic.


Best TV-inspired costume

Put a stop to the Halloween competition with a vintage-inspired outfit that looks like it came straight from Beth Harmon’s wardrobe. Made of wrinkle-resistant polyester, this will have you feeling as stylish as the chess prodigy no matter where the evening takes you. Even better, it’s lovely enough to wear long after the holiday is over.


Best movie-inspired Halloween costume

When something unusual happens in your neighborhood on Halloween, you’ll be the most popular trick-or-treater in the street in this fully licensed Ghostbusters 3 outfit. This basic jumpsuit will keep you covered from head to toe, keeping any autumn chills at bay. There’s even an inflatable proton backpack to help your outfit stand out. The only bad news is… To go about, you’ll need to bring your own ectomobile.


Best fantasy costume

Restoring peace to your kingdom, like Raya, necessitates a magnificent costume—and this one has everything you need for your next expedition, no matter how close or distant. It’s made of high-quality materials and doesn’t require any other accessories to receive a good reaction at your next Halloween party.


Most comfortable costume

Unicorns don’t exist… or do they? The coziness you’ll experience in this fluffy, fleece onesie will be palpable when you wear it on Halloween. It has built-in pockets for your valuables (or a few sweet goodies), and we adore the mix of cheerful pastel hues.

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