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Amazon Shopping Tips and Tricks: How To Shop Fashion On Amazon

by Ipek

Amazon is a truly awesome thing. You can find anything, for any purpose, and get it immediately, eliminating the need to run any kind of errands you don’t want to run. But what is the one area that even the most devoted Prime members might find perplexing? Fashion. That’s exactly why we have listed ultimate Amazon shopping tips and tricks.

Tucked between the home staples and cosmetic products is a beautifully big section that, considering its vastness, may be surprisingly difficult to approach. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t consistently browse Amazon Fashion

The e-commerce giant has focused on establishing a best-in-class offering, from a full range of in-house labels to an immaculately selected selection of designer brands.

We’ve broken down the five must-know strategies to explore, try, and experiment with style below.

How to: shop designer

Amazon’s Luxury Stores is an impeccably structured space where you may browse a variety of new and recognized designers. Shopping here feels like going into a luxury boutique or private-client floor, thanks to the tight, professional curation: Everything is arranged properly to optimize visual appeal. You can be confident that everything presented has been evaluated by the finest of the best.

To gain access in the United States, open your Amazon app and type “Luxury Stores” into the search field (Alternatively, under the main menu, navigate to Programs & Features and look for Luxury Stores.) Upon entering, you’ll find an editorial-style shopping experience, with roundups organized by trends and designers.







How to: discover the items that everyone loves

You’ve probably been swayed by at least one headline touting an item that has received hundreds of positive ratings on Amazon. It’s a thing—people enjoy talking about what they like—and Amazon’s savvy fashion team has gathered them all in one easy-to-shop location.

To find out what everyone is talking about, go to the Customers’ Most-Loved category on desktop or in-app (for the latter, look under Programs and Features)The main area will show a variety of things, including home items and giftables, but you may narrow your search to fashion alone. Click on “Most-Loved Women’s Fashion” from the main page and prepare to be dazzled by the community-generated edit (You can get even more precise by looking at most-loved swim, shoes, clothes, and so forth.)

This is where you’ll find the “Amazon dress” or “Amazon trousers” that everyone is talking about; everything is under $50 and comes in a wide variety of colors.

CROP TOP SWEATSHIRT SweatyRocks amazon.com $25.89





How to: try before you buy

Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe program has improved on everything we love about subscription-box shopping. There’s also the reality that it’s all being handled by a program you’re currently using and that you can choose what you want to be delivered. You have seven days after receiving your package to try on everything and return anything that isn’t quite right; only then will you be charged for everything you keep.

Explore the Prime Wardrobe area on the site or in-app, or just look for styles labeled “Prime Wardrobe” in the accompanying description. To discover Prime Wardrobe in the app, click to Programs and Features and scroll down to it; you can also search “Prime Wardrobe” in the search field to see what’s available to trial.

Sam Edelman

amazon.com $100.00

Enza Costa


The Drop


How to: get a personal stylist to do your shopping for you

One of the best features of Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe is the Personal Shopper program, which allows you to hand over control and have one of Amazon’s fashionable employees dig through its mountains of apparel to find designs and brands you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Fill out a questionnaire to determine your likes and dislikes, then wait to see what’s recommended (there’s also a section where you may disclose any forthcoming fashion needs, such as dressing for a trip or work event).

You’ll go over your stylist’s selections and select the products you’d like mailed to you; then after, the service works similarly to Prime Wardrobe. During the seven-day trial period, try on everything before returning anything you don’t want in a pre-paid envelope.


amazon.com $207.60





How to: Shop like an influencer

Influencers are asked to develop limited-edition capsule collections that express their own style as part of Amazon’s buzzy social-first program, The Drop. Each drop is only accessible for 30 hours, so act quickly if you find something you like: Essentially, buy now or regret it later.The Drop’s changing list of partners (about four every month) represents a wide spectrum of styles, vibes, and sizes.

Thankfully, if you miss a Drop, you can still have some of your favorite Insta-style stars’s from Staples by The Drop. Unlike the original collection, these curated groups highlight items that a certain influencer considers to be wardrobe-essentials.

Every few weeks, The Drop, an Amazon-exclusive label, debuts new collections designed by worldwide influencers. New partnerships appear without warning and are only accessible for 30 hours (after they’re gone, they’re gone for good), so keep an eye on the rapid fashion event. It’s the simplest way to purchase apparel worn by your favorite Instagram fashion bloggers, and because each piece is manufactured to order, no fabric or resources are wasted.

The Drop

amazon.com $59.90

The Drop amazon.com $49.90

The Drop amazon.com $29.90

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