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12 Luxury Winter Holiday Destinations: Feel The Winter Sun

by Ipek

Feel The Sun During Christmas Break With These Luxury Winter Holiday Destinations

When the days become shorter, the temperatures drop, and the clocks go back in the Northern Hemisphere, we fantasize about a luxury winter holiday.

If you’re looking to escape out of the cold and into the sun, these luxury winter holiday destination suggestions are just for you.

Enjoy your Christmas break in the sun, ring in the New Year somewhere special, and plan a luxurious winter vacation to look forward to during the chilly months ahead.

Winter Holiday Destinations Around The World

Luxury Winter Holiday in Uganda

Uganda Chimp Trek

Uganda has a year-round spring-like climate, with clear skies and mild daytime temperatures ranging from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. Although Uganda can be visited all year, we think that the ideal time to come is during its two dry seasons, which run from December to February and June to September, when temperatures are nice and there is minimal possibility of rain.

During these months, conditions are favorable for gorilla and chimp hikes, and game watching is especially superb towards the end of the dry seasons when a lack of water pushes species to cluster along rivers and waterholes.

Winter is an excellent season to watch chimps in Kibale and mountain gorillas in Bwindi because the forests are less muddy and the trails are less treacherous, making the walk more bearable.

Travel Tip: Make sure to schedule ahead of time to acquire gorilla and chimp tracking permits, especially during the holiday season.

Luxury Winter Holidays in Vietnam


The best time to explore southern Vietnam is between December and March. December is ideal for city exploration; in Hanoi, temperatures average 21 degrees Celsius.

Blue sky, sunlight, and little rain may be expected in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Travel from the metropolis to Con Dao Island and Mui Ne Beach for a luxurious seaside winter sun vacation.

With a length of over 1,000 kilometers, the north and south of Vietnam have different monsoon seasons, and weather can vary from region to region.

On the one hand, this ensures that you can visit Vietnam at any time of year; nevertheless, keep in mind that some locations are best to visit during different seasons.

Luxury Winter Holiday in Antarctica


Yes, really. While the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing snow and wind, the Southern Hemisphere, including Antarctica, is experiencing summer. The Antarctic cruise season runs from October to March, with different activities available depending on weather and sea conditions.

October and November have pristine snow on the ground and amazing sunsets (ideal for photographers); December and January have warmer temperatures (up to 15 degrees Celsius) and even midnight sun in the Antarctic Circle, which is open due to melting ice and favorable cruising conditions; and February and March are ideal wildlife-watching months, particularly if you want to see migrating humpback whales.

Though the snow and colder temperatures may deceive you, Antarctica has 22+ hours of daylight per day during the warmer months. Around Antarctica, the ozone layer is also at its weakest, and the bright sunshine reflects off the white snow, ice, and ocean waters.

To battle, the glare, high factor sunscreen, and excellent sunglasses (preferably with polarised lenses) are required. We also recommend taking plenty of moisturizer and chapstick, as Antarctica is basically a desert with one of the world’s harshest temperatures.

Luxury Winter Sun Holidays in Argentina


Argentina’s summer season lasts from December to February, making it a great getaway for visitors wishing to escape the cold of the Northern Hemisphere.

If you’re seeking winter sun and an outdoor adventure, now is the time to visit Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and the Andean highlands, since the snow has melted, temperatures are pleasant, and the skies are clear.

However, keep in mind that central and northern Argentina may be very hot in the summer, so it’s best to leave Buenos Aires and travel to the beaches, such as Mar del Plata, Pinamar, Villa Gesell, and Carilo.

The magnificent Iguazu Falls are at their peak in December, followed by Buenos Aires’ carnival celebrations from January through March. Argentina, like Brazil, enjoys colorful parades, although with fewer visitors than Rio. Enjoy colorful floats, dazzling costumes, and street water fights!

Travel Tip: Not every part of Argentina is great to visit during the summer. Avoid the northern lowland regions, such as Salta in the country’s northwest, when temperatures rise and severe rains leave roads unusable.

Luxury Winter Holidays in the Maldives


The Maldives’ gorgeous islands are a great year-round location for whenever you want a taste of paradise. The dry season lasts from November to April, which means bright sky, long stretches of sun, and ideal weather for lounging by the coast or swimming in the magnificent blue waters.

The dry season, when temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius, also offers the finest conditions for diving and snorkeling. The visibility is superb, the ocean waters are somewhat warmer, and the bright coral ecosystems are drenched in sunlight.

During the winter months, you may also see beautiful manta rays and massive whale sharks as they travel through the archipelago.

Luxury Winter Holidays in Chile

Because of Chile’s lengthy form and diverse environments, the ideal time of year to visit Chile depends on what you want to see and do. From December through February, expect long, bright days, high temperatures, and high prices, so plan ahead of time.

Summer in Chile is also the greatest season to tour Patagonia and enjoy the outdoors in southern Chile, such as Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine, and the Aysén Region. However, the winds in Patagonia are extremely fierce at this time of year, so you’ll still need layers.

Other famous Chilean places such as Santiago, Valparaiso, Casablanca, and the Atacama area, on the other hand, may be excessively hot, and the Atacama Desert occasionally sees Altiplanic Winter, which brings rare spells of rain, thunderstorms, and even snow.

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